St. John's Endowment Fund Created

On the Offertory

Liturgy expresses the fullness of who we are as Christians: that is one of the ideas we have been thinking through on Sunday mornings during our Equipping the Saints class.

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Sunday is Coming!

The Rev. Nicholas Beasley The church’s great ritual rival in this part of the world, this time of year, is college football. I have been so impressed with the ritual

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Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir Returns

The Chancel Choir have begun again with Wednesday evening rehearsals! If you are considering joining this part of our music ministry, this is one of the best times to join

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Foyer Group Reboot

Foyer Group Reboot!

Are you in a Foyer Group? Would you like to join a Foyer Group?   The purpose of Foyer Groups is to promote fellowship among members and encourage the informal exchange

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Lambeth Conference

On Lambeth Conference

This week marks the beginning of the 15th Lambeth Conference, one of four official “instruments of unity” in our Anglican Communion. The Lambeth Conference takes place every ten years, with

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