An Advent Sabbath

The holy season ahead invites preparation, contemplation, a stilling of the spirit to receive the gift of Christ a new. Everything else around us cries out anxiously, take up the busy and many tasks of the season and the end of the year. I’d like to invite you to find peace on the Sundays of the season by marking them with a greater attention. Run around like your hair is on fire Monday-Saturday this Advent and see if you can make Sunday a day of peace and preparation! It is a start. Here are suggestions for the Sundays ahead:

Sunday, November 28: A Sabbath from Spending.
Wake up this Sunday with an intention not to buy anything for 24 hours. Make sure you tank is full and your pantry stocked, and if they are not, receive the gift of staying home and getting creative with what you have. Not spending money for a day will give you a break from the idol of commerce in our life and turn your attention toward home, God’s creation, and those you love.

Sunday, December 5: A Sabbath from Screens.
Rise this Sunday with an intention to be screen-free for 24 hours. You might need to text a bit, but leave those social media apps closed, the NFL unwatched, the Netflix unflicked. See what the Spirit might show you with the more focused attention you can pay to the world around you and the neighbors God has given you.

Sunday, December 12: A Sabbath for Worship.
Worship with greater intention this Sunday. Look at the lessons appointed on Saturday and make a special study to hear them read and preached on. You can always find them here: Examine your conscience before you come to church and make your confession of sin. What are your things done and left undone? Pray for God to prepare you for Holy Communion, that you be ready to receive the Lord the sacrament of the altar. Come to church twice; there is a special and beautiful service of Lessons and Carols at 6 PM!

Sunday, December 19: A Sabbath for Service.
Make a plan this day to do something for someone who needs your help. Take cookies to someone on your street. Clean up someone’s yard. Ask the church staff how you can help get ready for Christmas! Remember that the Lord was born, not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for us all.