Scream Free Parenting: How to Raise Amazing Adults by Learning to Pause More and React Less

WANT A PEACEFUL HOME? This practical, effective guide for parents with kids of all ages introduces proven principles for overcoming the stress and anxiety of parenting, forged in the personal trenches of countless families. If you’re like most parents, you want to know you’re doing a good job raising your children. You want to feel like you can handle anything. You want to feel confident, competent, and hopeful for the future, for both your kids and yourself. (Oh, and along the way, you’d like a little peace, quiet, and respect as well.) All of the above are possible, even probable, if you can learn to become “Screamfree.” You can have the structured, rewarding home life you’ve always craved, with respectful kids who are responsible for their own actions. All you have to do is learn to pause, so you can respond more and react less. It really is that simple. Once you learn to control your own emotions and behavior, your children will soon learn how to control theirs.

  • Couples and singles welcome; invite friends, open to the community. 
  • Five sessions (now three more - not too late to join us) to discuss each section of the book. 
  • Sunday evenings, August 25, September 29, and October 20
  • 5:30 PM supper, 6:15 PM program
  • $10 registration fee covers cost of the book; available in the Heyward Hall atrium. 
  • Purchase an electronic edition on your own if you are a device-reader.
  • Child Care and Nursery care provided for children elementary age and under.