Worship, Liturgy, Music

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Body of Christ
Newcomers, Fellowship, Families- Community

Committees & Chairpersons
Parish Events
Welcome Back Sunday, Ashely Jaillette & Connections
Wednesday Night Suppers & Programs
Volunteer Kitchen Manager Leigh Jones with Kitchen Crew (Meal);
Clergy, Music & Family Ministries (Program)
Blessing of the Animals, Clergy & volunteer to serve lemonade, water for the animals
Harvest Eve Evensong, Music & Clergy (Service); Meal (MOSJ)
Annual Meeting, Vestry (Breakfast); St. Teresa’s Guild (Election)
Advent Festival, Family Ministries
Kanuga Parish Weekend, Reeve Ballew, Ashley Jaillette, Caroline Tevepaugh
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, MOSJ
Bishop’s Reception, St. Teresa’s Guild
Palm Sunday Reception, St. Monica’s Guild
Gravatt Day, Barbara Jones
Pentecost Lunch or Celebration, Vestry
12th Night Party, St. Claire’s Guild
Fellowship Breakfasts, Michael Burkett

Newcomers & Guests
Holly Harring Godwin

Guilds, Fellowship Teams & Men of the Church
St. Catherine’s, Charlotte Hodge
St. Anne’s, Reeve Ballew
St. Claire’s, Sarah Meacham
St. Teresa’s, Mackie O’Keefe
St. Monica’s, Rhett Hardy
St. Veronica’s, Mary Kelly
Connections, Ashley Jaillette
Tweenagers, Cathy Bourne
Keenagers, Susan Milton and Joan Savage
Men of St. John’s, Reeve Ballew