Director of Music Ministry

Dr. Michael T. Brown

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Dr. Michael T. Brown has always found that his faith and musical development have been intertwined;  the concepts he has explored in regards to music, pedagogy, and community have offered insights into his relationship with God and place within the church community.  He sincerely believes that everyone has a voice that is worthy of discovery and development.  Through the correct guidance, with faith and perseverance, everyone is capable of learning how to sing, and, within the context of worship, should be encouraged to raise their voices in praise of God.

Michael recently completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Vocal Performance at the University of South Carolina.  He also holds a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy from the Catholic University of America and a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Gordon College. 

Before moving to South Carolina, he taught music at the French International School in Bethesda, MD for seven years, performed in the greater DC area, and was involved with the music ministry at St. James Episcopal Church in Potomac, MD. In 2017 he was the recipient of a USC SPARC grant to support research into the life and work of mid-19th century Parisian singer/composer/director Delphine Ugalde.  He is a strong advocate for community singing and believes that anyone can improve their voice with the correct guidance.