The Windows of St. John's

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The Children's Window

THE CHURCH has shown interest in children and their welfare in many ways, especially in the last century.

The central medallion shows our Lord with the children of the world. He embraces all in his love regardless of color, creed or national origin.

The small panel, bottom left, is a baptismal scene - actually in St. John's Church. The priest holds the baby while the parents look on as the child through baptism is made "a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven." (1945 BCP, p. 283)

Opposite this panel on the right is depicted the rite of Confirmation when the child, having reached the age of discretion, comes before the congregation and makes his own profession of faith and promises to follow Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. (1945 BCP, p. 297 ) Then the Bishop*, laying his hands upon the child's head, prays that he may "daily increase in the Holy Spirit more and more .... " (1945 BCP, p. 297 )

The small panel, lower left of center, represents a nurse in a clinic examining a child. The Church has established in many parts of the world orphanages, hospitals, clinics, welfare centers, day nurseries and other institutions for the care of children.

Above this panel is a teacher and her pupils representing the many Church schools, Sunday and parochial, established in parishes and missions at home and abroad.

The small panel, lower right of center, shows a procession of young people following the cross carried by an acolyte.

The panel next above portrays a minister in a pastoral counseling session talking with a couple about some problem or preparing them for confirmation, marriage, or the baptism of a child.

In the apex is a marriage scene, and life's process of procreation starts again for another generation.

In the top background is a double ring and cross symbolic of marriage; in the bottom background, the dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit over the symbol of the world under the Cross.

To the right of the baptism panel is a scallop shell, generally used in Christian art to signify the pilgrimage upon which the baptised person embarks for life. At St. John's, a silver shell is used in baptism to pour water upon the head of the recipient. The three drops of water symbolize the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Christian is always baptised with water and in the name of the Trinity.

This window was Given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of George Bissell Reeves by his wife and son.
Dedicated May 8, 1955.

*The artist has left the Bishop's sleeve unbuttoned!