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The Supper at Emmaus Window

THIS WINDOW is below and to the right of the Ascension Window. The Resurrection of Jesus was an event as cataclysmic as the explosion of the first atomic bomb - the world began to change after each event. The latter ushered in the nuclear fission age, the former a new vision of human dignity and the brotherhood of man: a world to be fashioned along the lines of unlimited dimensions of spiritual and moral growth. The spiritual and ethical demands of the risen, living Christ confront man daily as he strives to deal with the confusions and frustrations of human problems.

On the very day of the Resurrection, two disciples, one being Cleopas, the other may have been his son Simon, were on their way home to the village of Emmaus. While talking about the things that had happened that day, they were joined by a stranger. He interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning the Christ. When they reached the village they invited the stranger to stay with them.

When he was at table with them, he took the bread and blessed, and broke it, and gave it to them. And their eyes were opened and they recognized him [Jesus]; and he vanished out of their sight. (Luke 24: 30, 31)

The window shows Jesus standing at the table with the two disciples. In his hand he holds a loaf and on the table is a cup. The disciples show their amazement as they recognize the Master. On the floor is a bowl, pitcher and towel used by each to wash his hands before eating; and then, according to their custom, to wash their feet.

This window was Given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Charles Ellis Morris, Rosa Rabb Morris, Jennie Morris Howard, John Levi Jones and Minnie McKnight Jones by their children. Dedicated October 16, 1960.