Foyer Group Reboot!

Foyer Group Reboot

Are you in a Foyer Group?
Would you like to join a Foyer Group?  

The purpose of Foyer Groups is to promote fellowship among members and encourage the informal exchange of ideas, experiences, and common challenges within friendly home surroundings, in a Christian context and while breaking bread together. These groups gather every six weeks for a meal and fellowship. They may meet at homes, at restaurants, or at public places, such as parks. They don’t meet for a program, simply for fellowship. Each group has no more than 15 participants. Couples remain in the same group.  We will have a large get together this fall for all Foyer Groups and anyone who would like to learn more or join a group!

If you already know you would like to join a Foyer Group, please email Lila McCullough.

Learn more about this and other important updates in this week’s church newsletter: The Epistle – August 4, 2022

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