Cursillo 145

An open letter to the St. John's Family

In late September, twenty-one of us from our diocese gathered at Camp Gravatt to participate in Cursillo, which is a well-established, short, intensive course on Christianity.  The weekend is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and more deeply commit to following Jesus Christ.  Each person’s experience is unique and personal, but every person there could testify to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit at work among us.

We three represented St. John’s as our parish’s Cursillo candidates.  And not one of the three of us would have been at Cursillo had it not been for our St. John’s friend and encourager, Duvy Spruill.  Duvy was relentless in his pursuit of our commitments to attend.  There were phone calls, emails, correspondence through the US mail, invitations to discuss it all over a beer…..his zeal was impossible to ignore or resist.  You can’t say no to Duvy Spruill, and the three of us are eternally grateful for his persistence.

Duvy served as lay rector for Cursillo 145, a high honor and a testament to his spiritual maturity and natural leadership abilities.  He persevered mightily to overcome health challenges and lead us during the weekend, and all those present were moved by his Spirit-given strength and devotion.  Duvy Spruill is a fine ambassador for Christ and for St. John’s, and we can all be proud to call him one of ours.

In Christ,
Ginny Bozeman                      Will Bozeman                         Lee Rambo

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