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New to St. John's? Welcome. We can't wait to meet you!

We hope the information below will answer the questions you may have as a newcomer ;before attending St. John's. But if you still have more, give us call (803) 799-4767. If you would like to speak to someone about our church or receive further information, please contact Holly with our Newcomers and Guests Committee.

Weekly Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

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St. John's Episcopal Church
Worship & Sunday School
  • 8:00am - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
  • Monthly Sunday School, Second Sundays, Following the 8 am Service
  • 9:00 - Fellowship Breakfast
  • Sunday School - 9:30
  • After 10:30 service - Coffee Hour
  • 10:30am - Holy Eucharist - Rite II
  • 11:45 pm - Holy Eucharist
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Directions and Parking:
The entrance to the parking lot is off of Holly Street.  Which intersects with Devine St.

Please See the map above for Google Directions.

Visit the Nursery:
The Nursery is located on the first floor of the Building next to the Church called Heyward Hall.
The nursery is provided for infants to three-year-olds during the 9:00 am and 11:15 am or 10:30 am Sunday services. The three-year-old nursery is available during the school year. The nursery is also available during the Sunday school hour throughout the school year.

If there are any questions, or if anyone would like to volunteer to help please contact  Ashley Jaillette at 803.331.5491 or

About the Episcopal Church:
The mission of the Episcopal Church, as stated in the Book of Common Prayer’s catechism (p. 855), is "to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ."

For more information, please visit

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   Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

“How many members do we have?”  “How do I know if I’m a member of St. John’s?”

The Episcopal Church counts membership in its congregations in three different ways:  “Baptized Members;” “Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing;” and “Average Sunday Attendance.”

1) Baptized Members are either baptized in the particular congregation (and have not transferred out by letter), or have had their record of baptized membership transferred in from another congregation (any denomination).  All baptized persons listed in a congregation’s register are officially members, regardless of their age or where they happen to have been baptized.  All baptized members of any age may receive Holy Communion (as can baptized visitors and other baptized non-members).  Members of a congregation aged 16 years or older are eligible to vote in congregational elections.  St. John’s currently counts 1,413 baptized members on its rolls, though the exact number changes almost weekly because of transfers in, transfers out, baptisms, and deaths.  Another 100 or so affiliate and regularly participate at St. John’s, but for various reasons have not requested that their record of baptism be officially transferred to St. John’s.  Anyone whose baptized membership is currently on record in an Episcopal congregation is also officially counted as a member of The Episcopal Church.

2) Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing have either been confirmed or received by a bishop in the particular congregation (and have not transferred out by letter), or have had their record of confirmation transferred in from another congregation.  Confirmed (*received = confirmed; *baptized as an adult = confirmed) members listed as such in a congregation’s register, and who receive Holy Communion at least three times in a year, are considered confirmed communicants in good standing.  Confirmed members are eligible to stand for election to the parish vestry and to diocesan office.  St. John’s estimates that about 850 of the baptized members on its rolls are confirmed communicants in good standing, though it is impossible to be exact since we obviously do not keep individual attendance records from week to week.

3) Average Sunday Attendance (“ASA”) is the newest and most practical way to consider membership or church size, though its major drawback is that it does not account for confirmed communicants and other baptized members who do not attend Sunday worship on a weekly basis.  A congregation’s ASA changes constantly depending on several factors like neighborhood demographics, school calendars, weather, and the varying degree of investment and participation in congregational life by each member household.   The most recently tallied ASA at St. John’s was 252 (includes both 8:00 and 10:30 services over 12 months).

If you would like to check or update your membership status against our records, please contact Dan Bernardo at or call the parish office at 803.799.4767!

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