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Properties Ministry

The Properties Committee main goal is “to be good stewards of our facilities, both buildings and grounds, with timely maintenance, repairs, and new projects in order to meet staff, parishioners, and outreach needs.” They are charged with using maintenance funds in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The committee holds a work day for parish members in the fall and spring. The committee acts as a liaison between parishioners’ requests for improvements and the facilities maintenance staff. They provide a process for site selection of gifts donated to the church, Heyward Hall, the Barr Center and the grounds. In 2012, the committee was heavily involved in the Church Restoration & Repair Project. The committee continues to help maintain, with staff, the professional appearance of the interior and exterior of the buildings as well as the grounds. Volunteers are welcome to join the committee and help showcase St. John’s as an outstanding landmark in the Shandon community.  

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