March Financial Report

March Financial Report

  March, 2018 YTD
Budgeted $76,189 $228,567
Received $64,185 $182,100
  -$12,004 -$46,467

Ways of Giving to Your Church

All contributions, unless otherwise designated, go to the operating budget of the parish. This budget is based on the pledges made during the fall stewardship campaign. Contributions to the operating budget are made through cash plate offerings and individual pledge offerings through check or cash. Automatic bank drafts are available and are an easy way to give regularly. Gifts of stock have an added tax benefit since the contribution is deductible at the current market value, without regard for its cost basis. In the Episcopal Church, the standard of giving is the tithe.


Memorial Fund
Gifts given in memory of church members and friends are used to provide funds for items not generally included in the budget.

Building Funds
Donations may be made to the Building Fund to provide continued capital support for the church's properties, such as replacement of the HVAC system in the Barr Center.

Seminary Fund
Gifts to the seminary fund provide support for tuition and living expenses of seminarians from St. John’s.

Altar Flowers
Altar flower donations can be given in honor or memory of loved ones and is announced in the weekly bulletin. The cost for sponsoring altar flowers begins at $50 per individual/family.

Memorial flower donations can be made throughout the year to maintain the potted flower arrangements in the Memorial Garden. These potted arrangements are provided, planted and maintained by our church volunteers. Memorial flower donations are announced weekly in the church bulletin and online at These seasonal potted arrangements are permanent fixtures in our garden. Memorials of $25 or more can be made online by visiting our website or by mailing a check to 2827 Wheat Street, Columbia, SC 29205. For more information about decorations and the care of the Memorial Garden click here.

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