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July 10, 2017, 7:35 AM

Message from J. Fletcher Montgomery, Rector

basement is closedDear Friends at St. John’s,
I need to tell you about an unfortunate ("category 3”) water emergency that occurred on Heyward Hall’s lower level this week. On Monday evening July 3 the pump station failed, and we pretty quickly got about three inches of standing water throughout the entire lower level including hallways, classrooms, multi-purpose room, chapel, elevator shaft, and storage rooms. Were it not for one of our non-profit groups meeting in that area at the time, we might not have known about the problem for another day or more because of the holiday, so we are very grateful to them for sounding the alarm.

We engaged a specialty clean-up and restoration crew and they have been working with us every day this week, alongside plumbers, electricians, and architects. Many repairs have been made, and we are now looking to replace worn lift station motors and make other certain electrical repairs.

Our immediate plan is to remove the carpet, baseboards, and the plaster/sheet rock to a certain height in all the affected areas. Next we’ll dispose of ruined items, and move undamaged items to various locations upstairs and in the church and in the gym. We ask that everyone stay clear of the lower level for now. We are probably looking at several weeks of sanitizing and repair work downstairs. Fortunately, it seems our insurance coverage for such an emergency is not in question, so we look forward to working with adjusters in the next day or so.

You also need to know how professionally and well our parish staff jumped into action, and continue to deal with the situation. I am particularly grateful to Michelle Rabon, Director of Parish Operations, who spent many hours here Monday night and again on Independence Day, overseeing the initial clean-up. My thanks to all who have expressed concern and a willingness to help. We may well be able to put willing hands to work next week, but first we must determine the health risk, and whether professional hazardous materials removers need to be engaged first. For now, we are grateful the damage wasn’t worse; and again we thank you for staying clear of the area for your safety at least through the weekend and into next week.

J. Fletcher Montgomery, Rector

Meetings regularly scheduled in the Lower Level this Summer
- New Meeting Rooms

  • All non-profits will meet in Room 215, Upper Level of Heyward Hall
  • Yoga, Mondays, 5:30 pm, Room 215, Upper Level of Heyward Hall
  • Eucharist, Thursdays, 12:15 pm, Church
  • Family Promise, Week of September 17. All repairs should be finished and we'll be ready to host families as we have in the past in the lower level of Heyward Hall.

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