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July 7, 2018, 12:43 PM

A message from the Rev. Nicholas Beasley

Dear People of St. John’s,

I write with a heavy heart to share most tragic news, that Jack Fleischer, son of Scott and Victoria, died on Friday in a swimming accident near Charleston. A student at Anderson University, Jack was spending the summer in a place that he loved, Camp St. Christopher, doing work that he loved, ministry with children. The people of St. John’s knew Jack’s gifts well, his sweetness of spirit, genuine discipleship, and obvious gift of love. I believe he was with you in worship just last Sunday, receiving the Bena Dial ECW scholarship and celebrating his birthday with family and friends. Some of you will have that bright picture of his youth and vigor fresh in your minds.

This is the greatest loss that one can face in this world, and I know you will be praying for Fr. Scott, Victoria, Isabella, and Samuel and for the many others who love Jack. The Fleischers will need both space and Christian community as they grieve the death of their eldest son. Love them and take care with them in the difficult season ahead. Many of you will have great grief as well. Bishop Duvall and I are available for conversation and prayer. You all have an opportunity to minister with each other as well. Be quick to listen and offer an embrace; think of our young people who shared youth ministry with Jack. Tomorrow, Bishop Duvall will preach, and I will lead St. John’s services. Plans for a funeral for Jack will be shared when they are made.

We know from the Scriptures of David’s grieving over his son Absalom and of Mary’s grief over the death of her son Jesus. Indeed, the pain of this terrible loss is one that has been carried into the very life of God by the death of Jesus on the Cross. St. John’s calling now is to be present in the midst of this grief, to console those who mourn, and to hope for the Resurrection, by which all the losses of this life will one day be made whole. Even, especially, at the grave, we proclaim the hope of the divine life extended to Jack through Jesus Christ, who is lord of life and has conquered death forever.

Yours in Christ,

(The Rev.) Nicholas Beasley

(m) 864-980-2473

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6   Entries 1-5 of 26
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